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1 TreKster WoW Sever RuleS! on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:24 am


Server rules•Any other rules written elsewhere are not valid and do no take precedence over the ones in this list.
•By playing on this realm you agree with all the rules below.
•Not knowing the rules is no excuse.
•Every player must obey these rules.
•A player who breaks the rules will be punished in a way depending on the severity of the infraction.
•The punishments described here hold for every player without exception.
•Players must report any violation of the rules (not doing so is considered a violation).
1. Dealing with Administrators and GameMasters•The Admins and GMs are the highest authority of the realm; all players must accept their decision and orders. Any insults etc are unacceptable and will be punished.
•Their decisions are final and are not subject to discussion for players.
•Players must try to help if GMs ask for favors.
•Players must be polite and truthful when talking to Admins and GMs.
•Players may whisper to Admins/GMs only if they have a problem regarding their own character that no one else can solve. For advice about the game or an addon, please ask other players and not the Admins/GMs.
•Players are not allowed to whisper them nonsense, beg for money, levels or anything like that.
•When requesting help from Admins or GMs please write the full problem in a clear and concise way. Do not ever ask: Hey, you there? or I've got a problem etc.
•If an Admin or GM tells a player that their case is finished and closed, that player is not to ask for help from any other Admin/GM over the same issue.
2. Typing in public channelsThese rules specifically involve the Worldwide channel, the three default channels (General, Trade, LocalDefense), as well as any others that will be used globally by many players. These rules also apply for typing in Raid chat and Battlegrounds. Many of these rules also apply for typing in /Say, /Yell, and /Emote.

Punishments are given depending on how serious the violation was (or even how many times the player did it). It can vary from simple kicks/bans from channels, mutes, and deleting gold to develeling characters and bans on accounts. In case players violate the rules with and Alt character or create a new character just for this purpose, they will be given at least 7 days ban for their main character/s.

3. Things that are prohibited in chat•racism, vulgarity, stupidity, etc.
•selling, buying, exchanging, offering and lending of game characters (and/or game accounts)
•insulting anyone from the Game master team, this also applies for insults of our realm. See above - rule no. 1
•advertising other realms/servers, pornography, warez or links to these
•advertising cheats or other external programs (bots for example), bugs and such -> will be treated like rules in sections 4 - see below
4. NicknamesThe nicknames of game characters, pets, and guilds must NOT contain vulgarity, racist words, insults of any kind, or other inappropriate words. Violators will be subject to a four-day ban and will have to rename the character, pet, or guild in question.

5. External programs/applicationsAny kind of cheats, bots, etc are strongly prohibited. Players who break this rule will be given a PERMANENT ban. Players have the right to discuss their case and to be sent proof of their violation in the form of a screenshot or cheat log. Game masters can unban offending players or decide another form of punishment at their discretion, but can also refuse to do so without giving any reason.

6. Dishonest/foul gamingUsing game bugs for your own advantage, as well as advertising/propagating them, is strongly prohibited.

•Bugging game bosses - (the boss does not cast, does not do damage, or exhibits any other abnormal behavior that makes the encounter easier) -> 5 levels down plus wiping the offending player's money plus wiping items the boss dropped
•Bugging the honor system in any way -> 5 levels down plus wiping honor plus wiping all honor rewards.
•GM in TEST, weird behavior - If you note any weird behavior of a GM in TEST please report it to the head GM or to the Admins. This rule also includes support from a GM - a GM giving out items etc -> PERMANENT BAN.
7. A warning about buying/selling game accounts•Buying/selling game accounts is allowed but you cannot discuss that in game. There's a special section on the forums for this purpose.
•The GM team is not involved in such actions. Do not ask them for support.
•If we find out (or it is reported) that an account has been stolen, we will ban the thief and also all accounts that he's stolen. We will NOT return the stolen account to the original owner.
•That said, think twice before selling your account - you might be left with nothing in the end if you meet a thief.
PunishmentsThe GM team has the right to apply a more severe punishment or even a BAN if a player breaks the rules more than once. GMs also have the right to punish the player's main character or whole account even if they break the rules with a different character or account.

Punishments will be given on the grounds of seriousness of the violation with importance of a player's "crime" history, denying guilt, and other circumstances. Players can also be punished for something that is not yet in these rules. Every situation is judged specifically and separately from others.

•Minor violations not written in these rules will most likely result in a WARNING at first. Players who continue with such a violation may be banned, have their character deleveled, etc.
•Deleveling - most likely follows after a player has been warned - depending on the situation of course.
•Account BAN - given for using cheats, bots and such, can also be given after repeat violations.
•IP BAN - very serious violation, for example: impersonating as a GM, stealing characters, repeated use of cheats or bots. When an IP ban is given, all accounts playing on this IP will be banned with it.
•In certain cases some other punishment may be given if it seems more appropriate than the ones listed here.
•Proof of violation will be available for a maximum of two weeks.

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