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GM Application template

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1 GM Application template on Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:17 pm


1. What is your real name and age ?

2. In which location and time zone do you reside? (GMT)

3. How much time can you devote daily on GM? Please be specific as we will monitor this closely if a selection is made.

4. How long have you played World of Warcraft and how long have you been with us on Trekster ?

5. Do you have any experience with Gm commands? If so then on which emulator are you well trained with.

6. Have you ever been a gm on any other server ? If yes then which server, for how long and why you left it.

7. What interests you the most about becoming a GM on TreKster?

8. What contributions can you make to this community as a GM?

9. Tell us a little about yourself and why we should consider you as a GM on this server ?

10. If you were asked to submit a suggestion, what would it be?


- You see a player spamming the global channel in game with random words. How will you address the matter?

- A player is having issues with spells that he/she cant learn from trainer. What steps will you carry to solve this problem?

- If you get a ticket report against a hacker, what will you do?

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