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Smartpunk Admin/GameMaster app

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1 Smartpunk Admin/GameMaster app on Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:31 am

1. What's youre real name?

--> Vanatoru Lucian

2. Where in the world are you located?

--> Bucharest, Romania

3. How old are you?

--> 18

4. How long have you played on private wow servers?

--> 4-5 Years

5. Have you ever been banned for any reason?

--> Just on 1 server (first time i had wow) - i had speed-hack Smile no big deal

6. How much time each day do you spend on WoW, on the forums or in-game?

--> Well this summer i finish high school and I got a lot of exams but i spend more than 7h/day

7. Have you had previous experience as a Game Master?

--> Sure, I created 2 my own servers, and Admin/GameMaster on another 7 servers (Arcemu at the beggin and after Mangos,Oregon and triniTy)

8. Tell us a little about yourself.

--> I got my own server before long time ago , but it was ruined because of betrayal . I love to work in team and make it as fun as we can with alot of jokes and stuff . I'm more a lidership person , but also very responsible. Idk what to say Smile

9. Explain why you think you would be a good Insanity WoW GM.

--> MY xp gained could make the difference InGame

10. What positive additions could you (or do you already) make to the server/Community?

I might have some great ideeas but all at theyr' time.

11. We require all GM's to act professional at all times, this includes proper spelling and grammar. If this would be a problem for you, please explain why?

No way. I speak properly both romanian and english.

I forgot smt? xD

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2 Re: Smartpunk Admin/GameMaster app on Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:42 pm

Just C++ Scripters


And anyway you maked your own Gamemaster Apply

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