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Vote Items - More imbalance please?

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1 Vote Items - More imbalance please? on Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:39 am

Getting straight to the point:
The Voteitems stats are retardly high and should be nerfed dramaticly/removed (everyone is going to wear the bags etc which imbalances pvegear -- stack resilience via voteitems and faceroll with full pvegear.. ye fun for pvp..)
Voteitems should be for example badges or funitems like murloc custom.
People won't vote for the server anyway if they only want the items (a nearly everywhere used method wont bother explaining) only people who want to support the server are going to vote "seriously". Also adding MAGICRESISTANCES on any item is the worst think someone can do for pvp.
If someone got like 20-30 nature resistance cus of his bags for example, rogue wont be able to apply poisons that often (hi another server 13shivresists in a row with 15 natureresist is fine).
I highly suggest changing the voteitems to donoritems or something to keep pvp fun and not frustrating for some classes. Exclamation

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2 Re: Vote Items - More imbalance please? on Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:09 am

While im at it, the eventweapons proc are abid overpowered..(2trinketprocs in one or worst is the 1handsword with 30second 50%movement and 20%attackspeed.. this ruins every match hard. imagine a rogue using it on you.. you are like f****d.. also change its weaponspeed to 2.5/2.6 because the dmg of 2.7 is to high elsewise face a "season 3 t6 dualwarglaive rogue" aka you are dead within a blink of an eye) i hope this will help someone in terms of balance Smile

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3 Re: Vote Items - More imbalance please? on Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:42 pm


Greetings Matex.
We will take your proposal under consideration

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